Widely used in clothing processing, home textile, decoration, medicine, industry and other fields

Recruitment position

Recruitment position

2 pattern designs
1. Major in art design, clothing design or dyeing and weaving arts;
2. Full-time college degree or above;
3. Mainly engaged in the design of jacquard and other textiles;
4. Passionate about art design, love the home textile industry, and have keen market insight;
5. There are better, hand-painted skills, proficient in using relevant design software;
Textile and chemical fiber sales
1. Textile engineering, marketing related majors, full-time college degree or above.
2. Possess good interpersonal communication and business development capabilities, and be proactive and hardworking.
3. With team spirit, able to lead employees to build an excellent sales team.
4. Responsible for domestic sales and sales management of textiles.
5. Those with customer resources are preferred.
2 foreign trade clerk
1. Responsible for the foreign trade business of the company's textile fabrics or medical dressings, and developing foreign markets;
2. Maintain old customers and develop new customers;
3. Bachelor degree, major in textile and international trade;
4. Level 4 in English, proficient in listening, speaking, reading and writing, able to communicate with customers proficiently;
5. Outgoing personality, good communication skills and sense of responsibility.

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