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Message from the President

Message from the President

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With a dream   Keep surpassing

Friends, colleagues:
    The vicissitudes of life are like songs. The last 30 years are the most profound 30 years of the global economic revolution, and the 30 years with the fastest improvement in China ’s productivity; the last 30 years are two hundred years after several generations of Chinese have gone through retreat, humiliation, struggle, and exploration It has finally been able to communicate with the powers of the world on an equal basis for 30 years; the last 30 years have been the 30 years of the great journey of socialism with Chinese characteristics, and the 30 years of hard work of Chinese children dedicated to national rejuvenation!
    We can grow up in this great era, how lucky we are to have such thirty years in our lives! When we stand at this great historical height and look forward for thirty years, how urgent it is! We are like a spray in the Qiantang River. We can reach an unprecedented height by the tide. The tide urges us to continue to move forward and upward, and tens of thousands of waves that continue to move forward and upward constitute a larger wave. tide. We race against time in our hard work and write our own destiny with history.
    Yes, history has its inevitability, and a better future depends on us. Our Yongninger today relies on the loyal and diligent Yongninger people to spend 20 years to carry out the results of internally strong quality and external brand continually surpassing ourselves; our Yongninger's tomorrow depends on the determined and progressive Yongninger We can only create greater brilliance with all our ambitions. Yongninger should not only try to play a harmonious and progressive movement on the big stage provided by the times, but also become a big stage, so that each internal and external collaborator of the Yongninger team has a performance platform and can show their own Style, realizing the continuous transcendence of life!
   “Create value for collaborators”It is our consistent philosophy of cooperation! Yongninger Company is a vibrant oasis where Yongninger employees embody the value of life and dreams come true, and it is an inexhaustible source of value for partners!
    Yongning's future development vision is: adhere to“ecology, environmental protection, harmony, humanism, technology, sustainability”the concept of development, to build a consortium of employees and enterprises, products and markets, scientific research and production, management and speed, scale and efficiency, comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable development. To build Yongning Group into a modern enterprise group with industry status, enterprise strength, first-class management, respect for the society, yearning for talents and the welfare of employees.
    Life continues through transcendence, and ideals are realized through progress. In order to reflect the value of our life, to fulfill the mission given by the times, to achieve greater glory and dreams, let us go forward hand in hand, only fight for the day and night, constantly surpass and embrace tomorrow!


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