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Chairman Li Yongshui and Yongninger Group Company

“The benevolent Leshan, the wise man happy”。
Ancient and modern magi, either benevolence or wisdom,
Although all living beings, and“wisdom”“benevolence”Both are rare;
To be determined first, to act wisely is the cornerstone of success.

--Li Yongshui




Into the office of Chairman Li Yongshui, a picture“Be wise”the book plaque jumped into the eye. Looking through the glass windows, you can see the beautiful and modern buildings, the endless stream of traffic and logistics in the factory area, which make up a spectacular picture full of vitality. This is the headquarters of Yongninger Group. Hangzhou Yongninger Company, born in 1990, under the leadership of Chairman Li Yongshui, has developed from a small workshop-like factory at the time of entrepreneurship into 32 branches (subsidiaries) with two major production and R & D bases in Xiaoshan and Anji today. A modern group company with more than 2,300 employees and an annual sales of nearly 3 billion yuan. An industrial chain related to textiles with chemical fiber raw materials, chemical fiber weaving, home textile fabrics, medical dressings, etc. has been completed and has shown huge development potential and unique competitive advantages. Looking back on the history of the growth of Yongninger, we can't help but be the founder, company founder and leader of Yongninger——Chairman Li Yongshui apologized.    

     Determined. Chairman Li Yongshui is a legendary figure. He lost his father in his early years, and his brothers and sisters were dependent on their mothers. In the era when the material was extremely scarce, he was unwilling to be in the status quo. When people of the same age are still doing handyman work, doing farm work, playing cards or erratic,He is already a famous building decoration in Shiliba Village“Captain”When the spring breeze of reform and opening up struck the Qiantang River, he had grown into a young man with vigour and vitality after his initial hardening in life. Silk factory. This is the predecessor of Yongninger Company. From the original 15,000 yuan to today's annual sales scale of billions, these two world-wide disparity figures bring people more than marvel!

      wise. Chairman Li Yongshui often said:“Two people walk, there must be our teacher; learning is more than wise”. He has become an industry expert for dozens of years in the industry, and he still has the same dedication to learning. He practiced by himself, constantly learning from peers, competitors, and internationalization. With amazing perseverance and perseverance, he obtained a double master's degree in business administration from senior managers of Zhejiang University and Fudan University, and after three years of hard work, he obtained a Ph.D. in business administration from City University of Hong Kong Bachelor of Science. In addition to being busy, in addition to taking the time to participate in industry management high-level forums for exchange and learning, I also often visit some institutions of higher learning for corporate management, macroeconomic operations, industry development trends, international market dynamics and other major issues related to company development strategies , Extensive discussion and verification with experts and scholars. He often admonishes middle- and high-level enterprises“Jump out of the Yangtze River Delta to see China, jump out of China to see the world, deeply grasp the development trends and laws of the industry, and always stand at the commanding heights of the industry before we can stand our feet in the fierce competition”. After a long period of erudition, he has already excelled in intelligence, and he has even more expressed the wisdom, perseverance and courage of Zhejiang businessmen. Whenever he encounters major decisions such as the adjustment of the company's leading industry, he always looks ahead and uses his own unique views and methods to make quick decisions, perform lightning, and get them in place quickly. Success again and again proves that his decision-making is wise, scientific and correct. However, it is not accidental that this decision-making becomes reality, but that he is good at combining theory and practice, and the inevitable result of long-term accumulation is real.“wise”。

    “Training is the welfare of enterprises, and learning is the efforts of employees”,It is always promoted by Chairman Li Yongshui to improve the overall quality of employees“wise”One of the basic methods. Under his advocacy, the company gradually established a learning-type enterprise system, and the on-the-job training and learning of employees became common practice. As a result, the company has achieved considerable development. Li Yongshui himself from entrepreneurship to career success, from“Little boss”To aspiring“entrepreneur”It is a classic case where knowledge changes destiny, knowledge changes the future, and knowledge accomplishes career. This case has become a huge spiritual wealth for all Yongninger people. Always inspiring the Yongning people to move forward on the journey of pursuing the value of life and realizing the common vision!

     Xingren. People who practice benevolence, lovers, loved ones, standing people, and masters are also the highest state of being human. As an entrepreneur with a strong sense of social responsibility, Chairman Li Yongshui regards talents as the company's first wealth. He said:“Talent waste is the biggest waste of enterprises”. On the one hand, enterprises must provide material guarantees for the introduction of company and internally cultivated talents, and on the other hand, they must provide opportunities, space and stage for talents to display their talents and capabilities. People who have contacted him often say: He is particularly good to college students.“Let us everyone in Yongninger make full use of the platform provided by the company, reflect their greatest value, and achieve greater glory and dreams, which is the goal and realm that the company continues to pursue”. This is what he says“Corporate humanism”The most incisive elaboration. his“Xingren”Not only is it shown in the kindness and care for employees and the cultivation of talents, he usually saves his life, and he also cares for social charities.

     He believes that enterprises need to find ways to make good use of the resources provided by society, only to strive for growth and development, solve employment, pay taxes for the country, provide material wealth to the society, and contribute more to the society, so that it will continue to cycle. Its essence is the process of the continuous reflection of the company's social value.

     Determined to start a business, to do business wisely, to benevolent and become a great cause, and take your own way! ----- This is the scientific development concept of Chairman Li Yongshui's life and career.

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