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Entrepreneurship        (1990.5.8—2001.6.21)      
·On May 8, 1990, Chairman Li Yongshui founded Xiaoshan Nanyang Network Wire Factory with 15,000 yuan and 6 employees, which was the starting point for the development and growth of Yongninger Group.
·On March 8, 1992, Xiao Shao Silk Joint Venture was jointly established with Shaoxing No. 1 Silk Factory.
·In March 1993, textile-related supporting equipment such as shuttle looms were introduced to truly form large-scale production.
·On April 25, 1994, Wanfeng Cloth Factory was merged, and the production capacity and operating performance increased several times that year. On May 30, 1995, Xiaoshan Yongsheng Silk Co., Ltd. was established, and medical elastic cloth was developed to expand the business field.
·In March 1996, the original shuttle loom was completely replaced with a rapier loom, which improved the quality and increased the variety.
·In October 1997, 16 sets of Zhejiang Titan Rapier Looms were introduced, the production scale continued to expand, and 30 acres of land were newly acquired in the provincial-level Zhejiang Nanyang Economic Development Zone.
·On August 19, 1998, Hangzhou Yongsheng Medical and Health Products Co., Ltd. was established and developed a series of medical supplies, especially Yongning elastic bandages and the declaration of the national three types of new drugs, which promoted the company's management and technology to a new level.
·In December 1999, in order to adapt to the development of the market, the original rapier loom was gradually phased out, and the Picasso rapier loom was introduced to improve the product quality.
·In March 2000, under the premise of business expansion, the Picanol rapier loom was continuously introduced, and the number of employees increased to 300.
The annual sales scale reached 120 million yuan during the entrepreneurial stage
Growing phase        (2001.6.22—2009.12.28)   
·On June 22, 2001, Xiaoshan Yongsheng Silk Co., Ltd. was changed to Hangzhou Yongning Textile Co., Ltd.
·On June 23, 2001, Xiaoshan Yongsheng Medical and Health Products Co., Ltd. was changed to Hangzhou Yongning Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. According to the requirements of modern enterprise development, the company fully introduced the CIS strategy to enhance the company's corporate image, and built a new plant of 6000 square meters in the Nanyang Economic Development Zone of Zhejiang Province according to international GMP standards, which enabled the company to embark on a diversified development path.
·In March 2002, while expanding its business scope, it also acquired 50 acres of land in the Nanyang Economic Development Zone in Zhejiang Province, which laid the foundation for the company's strategic development of diversification and scale.
·In 2003, in order to expand market share, the company introduced advanced water jet loom, developed a new four-sided elastic adhesive lining, and expanded its sales business to all parts of the country.
·In 2004, it continued to follow the development trend of the textile industry, retaining traditional products and constantly developing new products. The pharmaceutical industry embarked on the development and clinical verification of new medical health products and Chinese medicine Gutongning plaster.
·In 2005, a new generation of health food and Gutongning plaster with natural Cordyceps and Dendrobium officinale as raw materials was successfully developed, marking the pharmaceutical industry taking a solid step towards the modern pharmaceutical industry, and at the same time promoting the GMP verification work; accelerating the leading industry textile In the process of industrial product upgrading, 720 new water-jet looms were newly introduced, wide-range Terelun window screens and interlinings were developed, and a new textile industry with industrial fabrics, medical cloths, window screens and interlinings as the main products was formed.
·In 2006, the company's interlining and wide-format Trillium window screens both enjoyed strong production and sales, and their exports increased significantly. Among them, the window screen market share is the first in the country
·In 2007, the production and sales of lining cloth, window screen, medical elastic cloth and medical dressing continued to maintain rapid growth; the annual output value exceeded 400 million yuan; the company's office building with modern functions was opened; the total investment was 150 million yuan and a new plant was added in Longhu 13,000 square meters, a complete set of sizing and system and domestic supporting looms were introduced from South Korea to form an air-jet weaving branch.
·On March 6, 2008, the newly-introduced equipment linkage test of the jet branch plant succeeded, which made the company's equipment level and product competitiveness far ahead of domestic counterparts, reaching international standards. Dominance of the textile industry
·On November 25, 2008, due to the expansion of Xiaoshan International Airport, Yuanfang Branch No. 1 moved to Hezhuang Industrial Park as a whole, and the leasing, acquisition, integration and other forms were adopted to optimize the product structure and supporting facilities of Spinning Branch No. more perfect. Facing the new round of reshuffling brought to the industry by the international financial crisis, Yongning took advantage of the unit to build the Fifth Branch, which further expanded the company's production capacity.
·On January 11, 2009, Yongning's 2008 Summary and Orientation Conference was grandly held at Guanchao City Resort. This conference is an important conference held after the company completes the relocation, leasing, merger and acquisition, and the expansion of production capacity.
·On March 28, 2009, the establishment ceremony of Yongning Business School and the opening ceremony of the MBA training class for management personnel were held in the conference room on the 4th floor of Yongning ’s headquarters, marking the official opening of Yongning ’s implementation of the talent strategy and the construction of a learning enterprise.
In the growth stage, the production capacity jumped by 600 million yuan, and the company's annual sales reached 420 million yuan.
Development stage        (2009.12.29—to date)      
·On December 29, 2009, Anji Yongninger Textile Project, a landmark in the history of Yongning's development, was grandly started in the Tianzihu Modern Industrial Park in Anji County. The overall plan of the project covers an area of 980 acres and is constructed in three phases, with a total investment of 1.2 billion yuan. The first-phase project covers an area of 132 acres, with a construction area of 64,000 square meters and a total investment of 280 million yuan. It is mainly a chemical fiber home textile and chemical fiber raw material texturing project with an annual output of 150 million meters. The first phase of the project was completed and put into operation at the end of August 2010, with an annual output value of 1 billion yuan. It is planned that the third phase of the project will be completed in 2015, and the output value will reach 3 billion yuan.
·On January 24, 2010, Yongning's 2009 Annual Summary and Orientation Conference was grandly held in Xiaoshan Guanchao City Resort. This conference is against the background of the global financial crisis and a new round of industry reshuffle. Yongninger fully seized the opportunity to achieve A strategic turning point for expansion.
·On January 14, 2010, Yongninger Company was the only one awarded by the People's Government of Xiaoshan District in the Nanyang Economic Development Zone“Safe Production Demonstration Enterprise”title.
·On April 6, 2010, Yongninger Company passed the strict evaluation of experts organized by the Hangzhou Economic Commission and was awarded the Hangzhou“Management Innovation Demonstration Enterprise”title.
·September 6, 2010, Zhejiang University of Technology“Practice teaching base”Listed in Yongninger Company, marking Yongninger Company embarking on“Industry-University-Research”the road.
·On November 8, 2010, approved by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce,“country”Prefix“Yongning Group Co., Ltd.”Officially established.Yongninger Group Co., Ltd., as the parent company of Yongninger Group, its holding subsidiaries are involved in“Chemical fiber raw materials, chemical fiber weaving, medical textiles, medical dressings”four major industries.The establishment of the enterprise group is a reflection of the scale, competitiveness and strength of the enterprise, and marks the formal entry of the enterprise into the first square of industry competition and the road to the management of modern industrial and commercial enterprises.
·On January 15, 2011, Yongninger Group Co., Ltd. 2010 Annual Summary and Orientation Conference was held at Anji Meilin Resort.
·On July 9, 2011, Yongninger Group Company organized 103 managers to go to Xikou, Ningbo for field development training.
·On August 26, 2011, Chairman Li Yongshui led a team to Haier Group for inspection and study, which provided a reference for the company to further implement and improve the SBU operation, corporate culture and development strategy of the strategic business unit of all employees. In 2011, the annual sales volume reached 1.02 billion yuan, and the number of employees of the group company reached more than 1,600 people. The first step of the strategic plan of Yongninger Group ’s development strategy was successfully achieved on schedule, which further strengthened the group ’s“Three foundations”, which is“Weaving foundation, market foundation and management foundation”, In order to achieve the annual sales scale of 3 billion yuan around 2015, to complete the second phase of the development strategy of the group company“Platoon formation”preparation.
·On January 5, 2012, Yongninger Group's 2011 Summary and Orientation Conference was held. Chairman Li Yongshui made a work report entitled "Set Goals, Check the Situation, Hold the Head, and Stride". This conference is the new starting point for Yongninger Group to stand A conference held in the past to carry forward the past and the past, and promote Yongning's cause to move forward bravely towards the set goals
·In 2012, Chairman Li Yongshui proposed that the focus of the year ’s work is to hold high the banner of development, review the situation and create opportunities, and further strengthen the basis of weaving, market and management, expand the production scale of weaving and upstream raw materials, and strive to The group guarantees 1.3 billion and surpasses the sales target of 1.5 billion.
·In February 2012, Anji Weaving Branch No. 2 was established.
·In March 2012, Chairman Li Yongshui led group executives to visit South Korea.
·In May 2012, under the personal chairmanship of Chairman Li Yongshui, Yongning Group signed a contract with the Continuing Education College of Zhejiang University“Yongninger Senior Management Class for Systematic Management of Managers Above Middle Level”Teaching and Training Agreement,The first 72 trainees will receive two and a half years of management training and training at Zhejiang University, which heralds the beginning of a new round of learning and promotion for Yongning's cadre team.
·In June 2012, in order to follow the instructions of Chairman Li Yongshui, carry forward the Red Army Long March without fear of hardship and danger, full of conviction and perseverance, will build the company's sales team“Indestructible, invincible”Of the iron army team,Composed of 40 sales staff“Yongning's sales team re-enters the Red Army road and carries out a new long march”Jinggangshan trekking special training camp, starting from Xiaoshan, running towards Jinggangshan.
·In July 2012, the sales scale of Yongning Er'anji Base in the first half of 2012 ranked sixth among the top ten industrial enterprises in Anji County. according to“Building while producing, rolling development”After more than two years of construction and development, Yongning Er'anji Base came to the top, and its output value has ranked among the best in Zhejiang Tianzihu Modern Industrial Park. With its high construction speed, the strength of the company's development and management, the low-key and hard work of the real swords and real guns of Yongning's Anji base has won widespread praise in Anji, and has been affirmed by the local government and relevant leaders. 
·On January 19, 2013, Yongninger Group Company's 2012 Annual General Meeting was held at the five-star Golden Horse Hotel in Xiaoshan. Chairman Li Yongshui made a work report on "focusing on management and doing everything possible to reduce costs and expand the market for development." 186 representatives from 13 business entities of the group company attended the meeting. The business goal set by the conference in 2013 is to achieve sales revenue of 1.6 billion yuan and 1.8 billion yuan. 
·On July 18, 2013, Yongninger Group's first half of 2013 work meeting was held at Xiaoshan Nanyang Guanchao Resort. 196 management representatives and 20 front-line employee representatives from 14 business entities of Laizhi Group participated in the meeting. Chairman Li Yongshui made a work report entitled "Improving Work Efficiency, Demonstrating Self-worth, Realizing a Win-win Dream". In the first half of 2013, Yongninger Group Co., Ltd. achieved a total sales of 760 million yuan, which satisfactorily fulfilled its established goals. The conference established that the business focus of the second half of 2013 was: taking cost, management and market as the starting point, accelerating the pace of industrial integration, accelerating the concentration of industrial specialization, and improving industrial support; adjusting product structure in a timely manner, enhancing sales power, and striving for excess Complete the annual business goals. 
·On November 14, 2013, the economic headline of Anji News, the official mainstream newspaper of Anji, reported on Anji Yongninger ’s excessive textile production capacity, declining export demand, and labor costs in the large page of “Yongninger: Only when it is stable” Rising“Three mountains”under,In the first three quarters, the company achieved extraordinary results with a year-on-year increase in sales revenue of 46.5%. After more than three years of construction and development, Anji Base insists on the unwavering of the top three products in the country and the continuous deepening of the strategic business unit of all employees, making progress steadily, the annual output value will exceed 1 billion yuan, and the scale of operation will jump to Anji Fourth place in the top ten companies.

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