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Development positioning    
Unswervingly adhere to the textile industry as the leading industry, with the continuous expansion of the textile industry and the extension of both ends of the relevant industrial chain as the main line of development; guided by the needs of the international and domestic markets; to constantly improve the construction of the marketing system and strengthen product development 2. Continuously meet consumer demand as the driving force to promote industrial upgrading and scale development.
Development guarantee    
Adhere to“people oriented”view of talent,Human resources development and the formation of professional technology, R & D technology and management talent echelon are the foundation of development guarantee; the full implementation of strategic business unit SBU and information management are the means of development guarantee.
Development Strategy    
Make full use of geographical advantages and unswervingly move forward into the segmented field of the textile industry. On the basis of firmly maintaining the domestic leading market share of existing leading products, continue to“Do fine, fine, special, strong”Dominant and advantageous products are the supporting point, and unswervingly promote the enterprise to scale development. according to“Xiaoshan and Anji linkage, management and market win-win, development and stable coordination”development strategy, coordinating various resources and continuously strengthening the strength of the enterprise.
Guiding ideology    
Follow“World integration, economic globalization”development trend,With an international perspective, absorb all outstanding achievements in the same industry at home and abroad for technological innovation, concept innovation, system innovation and management innovation, continuously integrate and optimize the industry and product structure, and ensure the healthy, sustainable and rapid development of the enterprise.
Development Vision    
Adhere to“Ecology, environmental protection, harmony, humanism, technology, sustainability”development concept,Build a comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable enterprise consortium of employees and enterprises, products and markets, scientific research and production, management and speed, scale and benefits. Build Yongninger Group into an enterprise group with industry status, enterprise strength, first-class management, respect for the society, talent yearning, and employee welfare.
Steps and goals    
On the basis of achieving annual sales of more than 1 billion yuan around 2010 and successfully completing the first step of development goals, follow“Ten billion sales, one hundred years of enterprise, one hundred years of creation”of“three hundred”development strategy, achieving sales of 3 billion yuan around 2015 and completing the second-step development strategy goal; after five to six years of hard work, strive to achieve sales of 10 billion yuan around 2020 and completing the third-step development strategy aims.

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