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Cultural soul     
Based on the company's mission, vision, purpose, spirit, values and business philosophy, Yongning's corporate culture covers cultural concepts, values, corporate spirit, ethics, codes of conduct, company history, safety concepts, quality, and cost concepts. It is gradually formed and perfected by the enterprise in the long-term production and operation practice, and is recognized and observed by all employees. She is the soul of an enterprise and an inexhaustible driving force for the development of an enterprise.
Core culture   
(1) Corporate theme: Housze sentient beings    
(2) Enterprise purpose: loyalty, diligence, innovation, cooperation Enterprise purpose interpretation: loyalty — Devoted to the people's loyalty (Song•Sima Guang's "Si Yan Ming Series");Do the solution of loyalty (doing loyalty and meritorious service) and loyalty (doing loyalty). Loyalty means doing your best, being candid and selfless, abandoning miscellaneous thoughts, conscientiously contributing to the team's cause, and dedicating talent. Loyalty is a criterion of humanity, a healthy and precious professional ethics, and a guarantee for the team to form a strong cohesion. diligent — Hardworking, Lao Ye (East Han•Xu Shen's "Said the Text"); Fen, hard, hard. Diligence is hard work and hard work.“Heavenly rewards”All hard things must be created by hard work. Diligence is the foundation and prerequisite for career success. It is our permanent character and the most remarkable outstanding character. Innovation — Creator, also made (Spring and Autumn•Zuo Qiuming《Mandarin•Zhouyu》); New, unprecedented. Innovation is the bold creation of unprecedented things, breaking stereotypes, and dare to dare to dare to work. Innovation is the need for the development of the times, the soul of national progress, the engine and tremendous driving force for career development. To achieve thinking innovation, technological innovation, management innovation and working method innovation. Cooperation — Together, the group also (Sengoku•Xunzi《Xunzi•Non-twelve sons》); Refers to unity and cooperation. Cooperation means that each member of the team unites and cooperates, supports each other, embraces each other, integrates with each other, learns from each other's strengths, strives towards a common goal, shares the achievements and happiness of career success, and constantly describes and realizes a more grand blueprint.    
(3) Service tenet: integrity, fast, high quality, win-win    
(4) Business philosophy: realistic and efficient, never satisfied    
(5) Team spirit: self-improvement    
(6) Working style: strict and serious, immediate action   
(7) Humanism: Honesty and Integrity Respect and Care    
(8) Colleagues: stingy spirit    
(9) Eight Proverbs: Health starts with diet, success starts with learning, transcendence starts with goals, cooperation starts with trust, management starts with time, wealth starts with thrift, development starts with innovation, opportunities start with challenges    
(10)   Three-hearted spirit: loyalty, dedication, peace of mind    
(11) Saving concept: One porridge and one meal is not easy to think about    
(12) Work philosophy: stress professional ethics, ability to execute, and strive for perfection.    
(13) Product concept: Gain trust with quality, enhance value with brand; win competition with cost, improve efficiency with innovation .    
(14)Yongninger vows of good quality: “a man of his words.”We raise our right hand and remember the oath we made: our solemn statement and commitment, quality is the life of the enterprise, inferior quality is to hurt customers, is self-destructive reputation; without customer recognition, all our efforts are worthless From now on, every hour, every minute, every second, every place, continue to improve the quality, eliminate every small quality problem in my own post, let our labor and sweat truly reflect the value!    (15) The anniversary of the establishment of the company: May 8 each year   
 (16) Company Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Day: June 1st every year   
Cultural function
1. Can inspire employees' sense of mission: The primary task of corporate culture is to make the mission, goals and values of the company the goal and direction of the work of all employees and provide a strong spiritual power for the continuous development of the company.   
Second, it can unite the sense of belonging of the employees: the corporate culture also needs to refine and spread the corporate values, so that a group of people from different places can pursue the same dream together, so that the employees have a sense of belonging.    
3. Strengthen employee's sense of responsibility: Corporate culture also needs to promote the importance of employee's sense of responsibility through a large number of materials and documents, strengthen the sense of responsibility of all employees, crisis awareness and team awareness, to let everyone clearly understand that corporate responsibility is employee's responsibility .    
4. Achieve employees' sense of accomplishment: Corporate culture also needs to guide employees to make active efforts to make more contributions and achievements in their jobs and fields of work, and give honors accordingly to give employees a sense of accomplishment.

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